Toby's Samson

Toby's Samson is a 15.2H Double Registered and Certified Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Stallion. 

Samson was born May 11, 2009 

 RMHA # 2010043130

KMSHA # 201810014

He's a silver bay with no red gene

'Samson' comes from excellent bloodlines to include Sewell Sam, Maple Squirrel and Yankee (Ragtime)

and Broken Bone's Sam's Son


He has sired over 17 foals throughout the USA and passes on his wonderful temperament, color, and gait to all of his offspring. 

Samson is black based EE with an agouti Aa and Silver gene. He can only be bred to non-silver pre-approved mares.

Live cover only.

Stud fee $600

Southern Spirit


Southern Spirit is a 15H Double Registered and Certified Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain Stallion.


Spirit was Born May 5, 2015


RMHA # 2015484353

KMSHA # 2018050515



He's a Grullo with no red and no silver gene.


Spirit  has excellent pedigree

with Buddy Roe, Sewell Sam, Yankee Ragtime, Magnum, and Dock in his lineage.



Spirit can be bred to any registered and certified pre-approved Rocky Mountain mare regardless of color. 


Live cover only 



Stud Fee




(415) 515-6800


Volcano CA 95689

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