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Updated: Jun 21

Windkist Pearl's T Rose

Was an excellent broodmare and exceptional riding Rocky Mountain mare here at Shake Ridge. She was sold to a lovely new home/owner so she could continue her carrier as a fabulous trail horse and people horse. She's a love. Here is what her new owner had to say:

"Every time I ride this little mare I like her more. She is such an awesome little girl so calm, never gets real excited about anything. I took her camping couple weeks ago and she was fabulous. Just stood in her corral very calmly the whole time didn’t get excited with anything else going on around her no pawing, no pacing, no screaming. And boy does she love people! This is the first time in probably six years that I have enjoyed riding so much again. I am so very glad to have her I feel very lucky." - Owner annonymous

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