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HS Corabel Silver bay extraordinary RMHA

This 7 year old Silver Bay (red chocolate) Rocky Mountain mare is absolutely gorgeous, extremely well-bred, and super easygoing. She is the total package! Corabel has been handled and worked with her whole life. This Rocky is a dream to ride! There are no spooks or issues, and she was started right and has on the trails of Northern CA. She has a very smooth gait. She will do everything a great trail horse should do: cross water, be surefooted over various terrain, have a smooth gait, walk, and canter, loads like a charm, and stands for mounting. Bonus: you will get tons of compliments on her!

She is a perfect example of what this breed is all about, and her conformation and pedigree speaks for itself…You won’t find these old bloodlines very often.

Beauty, brains, and size…Corabel has a sweet, gentle disposition, making her even more attractive and fun. She loves to be doted on and is an absolute pleasure to be around and work with. Corabel is a registered and certified RMHA horse (Rocky Mountain Horse Association). More photos and videos are available upon request!!

email or call 209-296-7179 for more info on Ms Corabel!!

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